Do you already have a project you consider fundable based on an existing Business Plan?

Well, we can promptly proceed with our support to the necessary steps for meeting your funding target.


Certainly, which of the several possible funding sources are preferable for targeting, is a matter of further consideration. FinSET can offer you its services to seriously assist you with the relevant prioritization and choices.


We propose that you contact us through having your executive summary ready and being ready for our suggestions.


In any case we offer you below a first step by step approach, that is common ground for most of your possible choices.


It is obvious that any of the below steps, up to step 5, already properly provided and not needed, can speed the whole procedure, giving the emphasis to the final stage.

Necessary Procedural Steps Towards Funding Targets

STEP 1: Pre-evaluation of existing Executive Summary and complete Business Plan

STEP 2: Company setup and establishment

STEP 3: Initial registered company environment (registration office, other relevant or demand services)

STEP 4: Directors’ legal setting up procedure

STEP 5: Final valuation from FinSET of the existing Business Plan and possible suggestions for amendments that will increase its fundability in the Austrian financial environment

STEP 6: FinSET proceeds with the appropriate preperation of the relevant needed digital and physical files and folders for proceeding to the submission of the client’s funding requests as per agreed funding sources’ requirements.

STEP 7: FinSET proceeds with suggesting and agreeing with its clients, the most appropriate timing for proceeding with necessary funding submission procedure, per agreed funding source

STEP 8: Submission of funding applications and follow up of procedures leading to project’s presentation and evaluation by the relevant funding sources